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LimeLyte® Tax Visualisation

LimeLyte Tax Visualisation is our flagship indirect tax analytics platform; built to give users a 360-degree view of their tax data in real-time and to ensure compliance in an increasingly digitalised global tax scene.

Our Solution


LimeLyte Visualisation is designed to eliminate the risk of non-compliance, helping your organisation to avoid the potential penalties, disaster recovery and reputational risk associated with failing to meet your tax requirements.

We know it’s essential to get it right at the first time of asking, which is why we created LimeLyte Visualisation.

Unlike most indirect tax compliance tools, LimeLyte Visualisation is not based on historic, non-amendable data from the general ledger. Instead, it is powered by clean, accurate and regularly updated data to ensure total compliance in every transaction.

The platform provides your tax team with a more in-depth understanding of your tax data than can be taken from your ERP alone – or than you have ever enjoyed before.

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Tax Compliance

Why complete visibility of your tax data is so important

Dozens of countries around the world now require access to real-time tax data and expect it to be accurate as soon as it lands on your system.

The days of being able to fix issues at month-end are fast disappearing.

With global tax rapidly becoming more digitalised, the need for fast, reliable tax solutions is increasing. In short, you must have a platform that has the capacity, responsiveness and robustness to give you what you need.

Data needs to be correct at source and in real-time at every stage of the journey to a tax return. And if it’s not, your team needs to know about it immediately so that it can be amended and you don’t face any legal consequences.

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Why use LimeLyte Visualisation?

LimeLyte Visualisation is a platform that is the first of its kind and has quickly become an essential tool for tax professionals seeking to ensure compliance.

Its designed by tax professionals, for tax professionals. That’s why all tax data is available in real-time, 24/7. Every transaction run through your books is easily accessible and accountable.

What’s more, our simple traffic light system highlights any red flags within your data so that you can quickly put them right.

Its functionality is so advanced you can even use it to identify the areas your team may need extra training in!


Features that will make a difference to your business

Enjoy a 360-degree view of all your transactional and source data discrepancies.

Recognise issues as soon as they occur through our traffic light system, allowing you to act before non-compliance bites.

Identify and rectify any repeated user errors.

Take a deep dive into your data with a variety of analytical tools and options.

Clean your source data for optimum performance.

Benefit from seamless integration with your Oracle ERP.

Automatic validation of VRN country names and codesۜ

Automatic validation of customer/supplier country names and codes

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