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Tax Managers

We offer tax technology services for tax managers who want to save time, reduce human error and guarantee you tax compliance.

Our Solution

Our tax technology services help you to save time, reduce costs and ensure compliance

For tax managers, we understand the stresses of trying to keep on top of company taxes. Therefore, our solutions give you peace of mind knowing everything is running smoothly and inaccuracies are erased.

Tax Compliance

Non-compliance is easily achieved, yet the repercussions are huge

The costs that come with mistakes and penalties for tax non-compliance are significant and can harm the reputation of your company.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. By introducing our solutions, you immediately reduce the risk of human error for you and your colleagues and deliver 100% accuracy with every transaction.

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Digitalise tax

With an estimated 130 countries using digital tax platforms by 2025, now is the time to get ahead

As a result, the threshold for compliance is climbing higher as the years progress, with errors now spotted in real-time and being swiftly penalised.

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Real-Time Visibility

If you are concerned about small errors in vast quantities of data causing widespread problems, our fully digitalised solutions can help

Our indirect tax tools for tax managers offer real-time visibility, so if an issue needs attention, it will be flagged and can be dealt with immediately. The days of waiting for month-end to iron out any problems with taxes are gone.

With our LimeLyte™ Visualisation solution, any errors in data will be highlighted in as little as 15 seconds. Our solutions also help tax managers free up their team to work on more valuable projects instead of doing the repetitive, high volume and laborious processes that technology can handle.

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How we can help

Our services

We offer a wide range of tax technology services for Tax Managers that can help make life easier and free up valuable work time without worrying about inaccuracies.

Indirect Tax Automation

Do you need help automating your tax processes to make tax simpler and more effective?

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Compliance & Data Tools

Ensure you are compliant with every tax transaction, no matter the jurisdiction. 

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Technology Services

Let us help you with our recommendations for better tax systems and solutions.

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Indirect Tax Reporting

Guarantee your existing set-up has the best integrated ERP solutions for tax reporting. 

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“As a global business, we needed a way to confirm and document that our customers’ VAT IDs are valid and up to date. LimeLyte® Entity Manager has helped us consolidate and document our VAT ID verification process.

“In addition to TRN validation, the tool provides detailed results that allow us to confirm legal names and addresses and, by extension, that we’ve got the correct IDs for our customers.

“We are now able to seamlessly validate our customers’ VAT numbers and ensure a full compliance audit trail.”

Brent Gee
Tax Manager, TripActions

Our Users

Tax solutions that help, whatever the industry

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